Breaking Through Barriers – Motivational Mindset Program

On our WEEKLY – FULL RETREAT program you can experience all of the benefits of our Fit Life Health Retreat with comfortable, modern accommodation and uninterrupted focus on YOU.

Are you ready for a guilt free holiday where you get fit, loose inches and retrain your mind, body and heart to live your best FiT LiFE? 

We have a superbly designed daily program for you that will be fun energetic and varied to ensure maximum results that will move you forward into an abundant future. All activities are options so you can choose your retreat experience. 

  • Featuring Stuart Walters, Champion Mindset Coach and CEO of Elite Mindset Institute
  • Exclusive Training by Celebrity Trainer Quany, owner of Quany’s Gym in Woolloongabba and his specialist team.  Quany’s training will inspire you, encourage you, help you to break through fear and make you realise your strengths
  • Guest trainer Rachel Thaiday
  • Pete O’Neill, Tools 4 Life / Emotional Intelligence
  • Chef prepared meals

Stuart Walter, Mindset Coach – CEO and Founder of the Elite Mindset Institute, to his sporting clients, he is The Athlete’s Secret Weapon. If you look at Stuart’s label, he is a Hypnotherapist. When you get to know him and work with him, he is the best thing you never knew you needed in life. He connects with you, he inspires you, he helps remove the mental barriers you have and supports you toward an amazing future you never thought possible. When you consider 38 of his Clients are World Champions, you must think, he may know how to get the most out of the best in the world. If you are beginning your journey with FiT LiFE Health Retreats, Stuart will help you become aware of your current thinking, the reasons why this occurs and helps you to understand the one thing that has been stopping you achieving and how to breakthrough this. There are 16 Fundamentals of the human mind and every one of these is designed to protect you. When you understand these, you will be able to master your mind and master your life. Your mind controls your thoughts, these control your actions and your actions deliver the results. If the results you have in life are not what you imagine, Stuart will help change that. Stuart is a Published Author, International Speaker and Workshop presenter. He has products and programs for you, whether, you are just embarking on a transformation or taking another step up, Stuart’s programs are designed help you create an awesome life.

Quany, Professional Personal Trainer – Owner of Quany’s Gym in Woolloongabba, Pete has 22 years industry experience. He is devoted to getting the maximum out of his clients with his technical approach to training. Pete is posture orientated. He wants his clients to suceed by winning in the head first then the body following. He believes that if you are determined enough you WILL achieve. Pete believes in training hard but smart for the best results.

Pete O’Neill, Emotional Intelligence

Transformational Coach, Kinesiologist and Ka Huna Massage Therapist. Teaching a system Emotional Intelligence called Tools For Life. His intuitive skills and depth of understanding with over 30-years’ experience in the health and wellbeing sector are nothing short of amazing.

Rachel Thaiday, Professional Personal Trainer


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Breaking Through Barriers – Motivational Mindset Program

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