Meet the Fit Life Family

Chernae Silk, Founder

Founder, Entrepreneur and now Qualified Personal Trainer Chernae Silk confesses to being a serial-retreater who has attended a multitude of Australian and International Health and Fitness retreats. Chernae’s ongoing problem with emotional eating however, was never really resolved by attending any of these retreats. After her exhausting research within the existing global retreat market, resulting in a dead end for her as a representative for the emotional eater … she embarked on a deeper private research journey. Deliberately seeking out Australia’s leading healers and therapists who actually specialise in understanding and helping to heal the emotional eater, Chernae discovered this was the life changing element that the retreat world was missing.

Wellness comes from emotional self-respect…. not external bodily perfection.

“For me It’s ALL about Wellness. Fitness. Fat Loss & Adventure! But MORE about what a functional fit body, mind & soul can do & how it feels rather than what it looks like.” Chernae Silk – Founder, Fit Lifer & Aussie Mum.

Jo Chambers, Retreat Manager

Jo has worked in hospitality around the globe over the past 30 or so years gaining experience in designer hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, private catering and even as a ‘Roadie’ looking after the dressing rooms and dietary needs of international stars as they toured Europe. 

Jo is passionate about health and nutrition having been on her own wellness journey in recent years.  She demonstrates her love through food, creating gut healing, nourishing spreads for her family on a daily basis.  Having had her own businesses and working at a management level in hospitality, she brings a broad and varied range of strengths to her role as Retreat Manager.  

Cynthia Morton, Emotional Fitness Coach

Author … Consultant … Speaker. For the past two decades Cynthia’s nationally award winning Emotional Fitness techniques have earned the following recognition.  A Pride of Australia Medal , An Australian of The Year Award, An Award of Distinction for Services to Humanity, The Prime Ministers Award for outstanding contribution in drug and alcohol endeavours. She is not only a successful published Australian author of six books she also works nationally one on one with private clients as well as offering Emotional Fitness workshops, Body Love Classes and keynote addresses.  Cynthia has also been a regular guest on Channel 9’s new series Destination Happiness and back in the year 2000 in the early days of her career, she was a panelist on a midday TV show called Beauty and The Beast along with Ita Buttrose and Lisa Wilkinson sharing her Emotional Fitness tips for Australian viewers. Testimonials on her work from media personalities include Deborah Hutton, Wayne Carey and Robin Bailey.  Leading academics Professor John B. Saunders and Dr. Beres Wenck, have been supporting her work for over two decades.

Stuart Walter, Mindset Coach

Stuart Walter is the CEO and Founder of the Elite Mindset Institute, to his sporting clients, he is The Athlete’s Secret Weapon. If you look at Stuart’s label, he is a Hypnotherapist. When you get to know him and work with him, he is the best thing you never knew you needed in life. He connects with you, he inspires you, he helps remove the mental barriers you have and supports you toward an amazing future you never thought possible. When you consider 38 of his Clients are World Champions, you must think, he may know how to get the most out of the best in the world. If you are beginning your journey with FiT LiFE Health Retreats, Stuart will help you become aware of your current thinking, the reasons why this occurs and helps you to understand the one thing that has been stopping you achieving and how to breakthrough this. There are 16 Fundamentals of the human mind and every one of these is designed to protect you. When you understand these, you will be able to master your mind and master your life. Your mind controls your thoughts, these control your actions and your actions deliver the results. If the results you have in life are not what you imagine, Stuart will help change that. Stuart is a Published Author, International Speaker and Workshop presenter. He has products and programs for you, whether, you are just embarking on a transformation or taking another step up, Stuart’s programs are designed help you create an awesome life.

Glenn Mackintosh, Weight Loss Pyschology

Glenn is the missing piece of the puzzle and can transform your eating, movement, weight and body image.

Helping you transform your mindset around eating, physical activity, weight and body-image with a combination of traditional and innovative evidence-based approaches.  Fully registered psychologist who specialises in all areas of weight management using a range of approaches, including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Hypnotherapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), all within a Health At Every Size (HAES)-informed framework.

Peter O’Neill, Kinesiologist

Peter O’Neill is a gifted bodyworker and teacher of meditation with his own system of kin-easy-ology.  He has been ‘on the path’ for 30+ years and it shows.  He is gifted at intuition and is able to read your body to help you balance and heal.  He gives group chats, inspirational lectures and demonstrations, as well as doing private and confidential readings or bodywork sessions that are a combination of flow style massage, cranio-sacral and kin-easy-ology.  Pete is very passionate about what he does, is in tune with your body and his advice is always practical. 

Get ready to be inspired!

Gillian Maddigan, Pyschosomatic Therapist

Dubbed as Australia’s #1 Identity Consultant & Non-Verbal Communication Trainer, Gillian has “decoded” more than 6500 faces, 2500+ bodies and over 500 tattoos – revealing personality traits, hidden skills, sub-conscious habits, redundant patterns and innate talents. Qualified in Psychosomatic Therapies, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis and an expert on all things “Body Language”, Gillian has featured in numerous web-tv shows and ‘wowed’ audiences around the country with her impressive teachings and live demonstrations of facial, posture, tattoo and body decoding. Gillian’s students & clients have experienced more empowered personal and business lives, better team development, improved relationships and more informed decision making as a result of her unique teachings and coaching. A mother, wife, surf lifesaver and lover of food, Gillian is a one-of-a-kind speaker, trainer and specialist.

Amie Cox, Dietitian

Amie fell in love with learning how to adapt her nutrition to support exercise and performance. Amie personally competes in weightlifting and her peak interest is in helping athletes make weight for competition. However she shows a great interest in Cross Fit as she trained in this sport for many years and understands how nutrition plays a significant role in recovery and performance.  

It is her greatest joy teaching her clients how to eat the right food at the right time in order to increase their quality of life, energy levels and performance. It is not just all about body composition changes. She wants the best for her clients, for them to feel like they can train to their highest capacity and feel that they have the energy to do so.

Dr Victoria Steele

Qualified medicine in 1992 and became a fellow of the college of general practitioners in 1998. Spent 20 years practicing in Toowoomba before moving to the Sunshine Coast with her 2 daughters in 2016. Interests include women’s and men’s health. Vicky also finished a masters in clinical teaching in 2016 to enable her to teach medicine to junior doctors. She works with Generalist Medical Training on the SC to teach registrars locally. She is passionate about assisting people with their health, weight loss journeys and the life changes that assist in optimisation of health outcomes. Vicky has supported many of her clients over the last 25 years obtain and maintain their health goals.

Karen Young Gentles, Sound Therapist

Karen is a Tibetan Sound Therapist, Energy Worker and Meditation teacher. She holds Diplomas in Spiritual and Energetic Healing, is a Reiki Master, and has studied Pranic Healing and Acu-energetics. She has completed training in Australia, India, New Zealand and South America. Karen offers one on one sessions, group sound baths, meditations and workshops to connect and empower people, opening them to a new path of awareness. Karen believes that everything is a Vibration.. a Sound. Every organ in our body resonates to a certain frequency. Our thoughts, emotions and stresses create disharmony to various parts of our body which can result in dis-ease. Sound healing works to rebalance, re-align and harmonising our body from inside-out.

Robyn White, Administration

Robyn White is a seasoned administrator and accounts manager with over 30 years’ experience in the field. She has extensive experience with all administrative tasks having held positions in tertiary education, textile, local councils, agricultural, government, insurance, newspaper, beauty and business fields and is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of any business. She is passionate about customer service and committed to the wellness industry and the change it can bring to people’s lives. 

Lou Evans, Personal Training Team Lead Coach

Lou has spent 15 years in the Army and was the original owner of F45 Training in Lutwyche. Lou now works at the Brisbane Grammar School Co-Curriculum (Sports and Activities) Department.

“There is no quick fix or magic pill to achieving optimal health, it takes work; hard work, dedication and a balance.
You need to be your own motivator, no one else can do this for you.

Miranda Leeden, Personal Training and Nutrition Specialist

Miranda has been recognised as one of Australia’s leading personal trainers, coaches and fitness educators. Miranda is also a qualified nutritionist who studied a Bachelor of Nutrition at The University of the Sunshine Coast and also Food Science at Deakin University. She has an extensive background working with individuals, teams and organisations in the areas of physical transformation, nutritional coaching, cognitive performance, health evaluation and self-management.

Miranda has worked as a nutritionist and health coach at two prestigious 5-star health retreats in Thailand where she continued to share her love and passion for personal transformation. Her areas of focus were in clinical weight loss and health education.

Jude Noone, Professional Personal Trainer

Jude is passionate about people achieving their goals and her motto has always been ‘You don’t have to be fit to start but you have to start to be fit’. She is a highly motivated person who knows the valued of work life balance. Jude is an experienced group and personal fitness trainer for large and small organisations. As a mother to three boys she is passionate about being a healthy role model for her family. Jude is also a primary school teacher and loves encouraging kids to be active. Jude’s favourite type of training is High Intensity Interval Training (Hiit).

Julia ‘Julzz’ Woodford, Professional Personal Trainer

Julia is Co owner of The Training House and an experienced personal trainer.  WBFF Bikini Pro & Big Muscles Nutrition sponsored Athlete.  Her message – Is to be a positive role model, Inspire & Empower people to be Stronger, Healthier, Confident & Happier within themselves. To help people & really make a positive impact on people’s lives. To change someone’s negative mindset to a positive one & embrace self love.  We love Julia’s inclusive body positive vibe! Her caring, supportive nature and her effervescent personality are contagious!!!

“Passion is everything” 

Quany, Professional Personal Trainer

Owner of Quany’s Gym in Woolloongabba, Pete has 22 years industry experience. He is devoted to getting the maximum out of his clients with his technical approach to training. Pete is posture orientated. He wants his clients to suceed by winning in the head first then the body following. He believes that if you are determined enough you WILL achieve. Pete believes in training hard but smart for the best results.

Catherine ‘Cat’ Paice, Professional Personal Trainer

Cat has worked in a range of sports, from high school to national level and professional teams with both males and females, and personally has a passion for competing in various sports. I believe we can get so much out of training and sport and it’s important that we are creating spaces that promote physical and mental well being. What she has learnt most from all these experiences is the importance of how we coach. She is currently studying her masters, researching the effectiveness of conversation between coaches and athletes and believes this is vital in all areas of coaching. We must be able to communicate with clients, athletes and other support staff to create a safe space to optimise health and well being which will consequently promote training and performance.

Maggie Spark, Professional Personal Trainer

Maggie-Laurie is the founder of two successful Personal Training studios and an International Transformation and Coaching company.  She has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years and is an extremely experienced personal trainer, class instructor, transformational coach and business woman.  Before entering the fitness industry, Maggie was a member of the Australian Women’s Volley Team at the Australian Institute of Sport.  This experience taught her the meaning of true discipline and to believe and trust not only in her team, and coaching staff, but in herself.   Maggie is also a mum of three young children. Maggie is passionate about nutrition and helping her clients fuel their bodies for maximum health and energy and teaching them how to create long-term sustainable health and lifestyle. 

Dennis Greensill, Resilience Coach and Professional Personal Trainer

Dennis is a passionate personal trainer, resilience coach & speaker. Dennis’ exuberance for life, his energy and story are inspirational. We are so honoured to have him as our FitLife Resilience Coach and Personal Trainer. “I enjoy watching my clients rise and shine to the best of their ability with my style of training. We are so busy laughing we forget we are working!”

Rachel Thaiday, Professional Personal Trainer


Commando J, Special Forces Group Fitness Coach


Meera Allen, Yoga Instructor

Meera Allen has immersed her life in the Yogic philosophy and discipline maintaining a deep understanding of the inner mind-body-heart connection. Training under Simon Borg-Olivier (Yoga Synergy) and  Duncan Peak (Power Living) combined with 16 years and over 10,000 hours worth of yoga teaching in styles of Hatha, Yin, Restorative, People with disability and mental illness as well as Odyssey World Marathons in Budapest. She also hosted health and well being programme ‘Manifesting Destiny’ on Bondi Beach Radio interviewing Australia’s most influential health and well-being and quantum practitioners. With her unwavering passion Meera continues to inspire people through sound, music, yoga and meditation.

Loren Pennisi, Pilates Instructor

Loren Pennisi is the principal and director of Dansing. She has over 14 years of professional dance-industry experience, including live performances at Tokyo Disneyland, Countdown Arena Spectacular tour and working as a principal dancer on Princess Cruises production shows. 

National Pilates instructor, Professional Personal Trainer, proudly Les Mills trained and trained exclusively by Studio Pilates. Loren’s personality shines bright and her energy is endless!

Peter Silk, Life Coach, Community Partnerships

Peter has been a high performance corporate consultant and personal coach/trainer and management advisor for individuals and corporations throughout Queensland and around Australia. He has been awarded an Excellence Award from the Queensland Government for his outstanding work in Staff Induction. He believes in creating powerful mindsets in people to succeed in life.

Paulette Silk, Personal Stylist, Couture Designer

Paulette is passionate about ensuring women and men look their fashion best at all times, For over 30 years she has been a personal guru in women’s and men’s fashion styling, making people feel confident in modern fashion trends.

Daniela Silk, Belly Dancer

Daniela teaches her signature style of group fun and fitness through a combination of Viva Belly Dance, Hula Hoop and Fitness Salsa! Daniela has coached  many fabulous students internationally and here in Australia for over 15 years! 
Daniela’s love for dance is so abundant her energy fills the room! When we dance with Daniela it’s always refreshingly freeing and ‘sometimes sexy’ (to quote her awesome Venezuelan accent) Daniela loves empowering women to step into their true feminine goddess! She teaches you how to feel confident, beautiful and strong through dance.

Jamie, Fishing & Adventure

Jamie has a natural affinity with the ocean. He respects and reads nature like its second nature. As our Adventure Coach Jamie will show you new ways to relax, learn valuable skills and make chill time to just be at one with the ocean. Fishing is his professional sport but respecting and giving back to the ocean is his absolute a way of life! 
“I find I leave the worries of the world behind when my feet hit the sand. Forget the hustle and bustle and enjoy life!” 

Michaela Forward, Beauty Expert

Michaela is a natural born leader and artist. As a National Brow & Lash Specialist and Educator for The Brow Bar. Michaela heads up her talented team of ‘Arch Angels’ at Australia’s original and ‘world first’ Australian Trademarked salon brand ‘The Brow Bar.’

Michaela will teach her craft in a practical beauty sharing afternoon. Her styling team will pamper you, show you how to achieve the best bespoke brow shape for you and treat your lashes with respect. Michaela’s makeup class is hands-on, so you feel empowered to return home with amazing new ways to look and feel confidently beautiful.

Are You Ready To Have A Fit & Healthy Life?

The abundance attractor is you! Always has been always will be. All depends on what you are doing and how you are being!