Emotional Fitness Women’s Work In Retreat

Could your emotionally exhausted heart use a holiday?

The Emotional Fitness Women’s Retreat is designed to ‘Work In’ and address, question, explore then restore your relationship with yourself.  Without a quality relationship with yourself, meaningful and lasting connections with spouses, lovers, children, colleagues, family and friends will too often become unmanageable. 

Not simply content with offering a quick-fix solution the specialist presenters at the Fit Life Health Retreat strive to provide a stimulating environment which encourages personal growth and long-term emotional and physical health transformation. With a wide range of dedicated wellness programmes, luxurious grounds, pristine beach access, delicious, healthy on-site private chef prepared cuisine, luxe accommodation and the dedicated Fit Life Health Retreat Team, you are sure to rejuvenate your physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Founder, CEO and Personal Trainer Chernae Silk confesses to having once been a serial-retreater. Deliberately seeking out Australia’s leading healers and therapists who all have decades of experience specialising in how to create realistic, individually tailored solutions to help their clientele recover, build then maintain higher levels of emotional fitness, health and wellbeing. So, Chernae invited some of Australia’s leading health and wellbeing experts to offer this world first wellness retreat format.  Her experts are:

Cynthia Morton – Health and Wellbeing Consultant for the past twenty-five years.  She is the founder and CEO of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program and a Bestselling Author of six books.  Her work over the past two decades has been recognised with a Pride of Australia Medal, Australian of The Year Award, Award of Distinction for Services to Humanity, Prime Ministers Award of Excellence. www.cynthiamorton.com

Gillian MaddiganInternational Body Language Trainer, Speaker, Coach is Australia’s number one Identity Consultant and Non-Verbal Communication Trainer.  This wise and wild wonder woman is full of powerful and educational insights into human behaviour.


Peter O’NeillTransformational Coach, Kinesiologist and Ka Huna Massage Therapist.  Teaching a system Emotional Intelligence called Tools For Life.  His intuitive skills and depth of understanding with over 30-years’ experience in the health and wellbeing sector are nothing short of amazing.

The Emotional Fitness Women’s Retreat five-day calendar of events also includes a multitude of additional guest presenters sharing their experience, wisdom and healing techniques to help you become the person inside and out, that you’ve always hoped you could be.

Emotional Fitness Women’s Retreat Guests not only reconnect with themselves but also to the natural healing power of Mother Nature herself in this divine, quietly beautiful part of Australia.  This is a unique retreat designed to be an emotional detox resulting in a healing holiday for your heart.   The five-day event concludes with the Pink Carpet being rolled out to celebrate with an exclusive VIP Vogue dinner party under the stars, with music, international cuisine and take-home goody bags.

Self-respect really is the ultimate currency in your life. After this holiday for your heart you will return home refreshed, restored, emotionally refuelled ready to commence a bolder, braver and more beautiful chapter in your life.

If you are interested in joining us for our next EMOTIONAL FITNESS WOMEN’S RETREAT call our Retreat Manager, Jo

on 1300 348 543 or email her on jo@fitlifehealthretreat.com

Testimonials for Cynthia Morton’s Work

Deborah Hutton – Cynthia is a highly valued contributor to BalanceBDH and I have sat in the audience during our live events listening to Cynthia relive her story spellbound. She makes you laugh, makes you cry and importantly she makes you want to be a better person. I think of Cynthia as an earth mother, a maternal, nurturing soul who genuinely cares for people, no matter what their story holds. You rarely come across people like Cynthia, but it would be a far better world if we did. Deborah Hutton Media personality, founder and Publisher of Balance By Deborah Hutton

Professor John B Saunders – Cynthia Morton is an extraordinary person.  I first met her nearly 20 years ago when I was a medical specialist and academic in Queensland.  She helps people reflect on how their experiences might have shaped them, and how their thoughts and actions have resulted in addictive disorders and dysfunctional relationships in their adult years.  I am certain those who read “The Four Seasons of the Heart” will experience the healing process which is so evident in Cynthia’s own life and in all that she has done. Professor John B Saunders, Professor and Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine Sydney

Wayne Carey – As a strong fit man I once presented a physically powerful external shell but internally I was struggling.  In a nutshell, I was immature and emotionally unfit.  I’m grateful for Cynthia’s Emotional Fitness tips over the years, she has helped me to build the emotional muscle I needed to become a more emotionally accessible man and father. Wayne Carey “The King” of Australian football Newspaper columnist, TV and radio commentator