THE FiT LiFE Health Retreat Noosa PLAY & STAY Retreat Program 

On our WEEKLY – FULL RETREAT program you can experience all of the benefits of our Fit Life Health Retreat with comfortable, modern accommodation and uninterrupted focus on YOU.

Are you ready for a guilt free holiday where you get fit, loose inches and retrain your mind, body and heart to live your best FiT LiFE? 

We have a superbly designed daily program for you that will be fun energetic and varied to ensure maximum results that will move you forward into an abundant future. All activities are options so you can choose your retreat experience. 

This is how YOU will live your new FiT LIFE Health Retreat Noosa daily retreat program:

• Optional early morning walk around our bush land retreat at Beach Road Holiday Homes to feel energised ready for the day

• Enjoy a light nutritious breakfast designed by our experienced Dietitian and prepared by our Culinary Coach and/or Chef

• After breakfast – a movement session involving fun-fitness exercises/ games, fitness boxing, outdoor or indoor circuit training, walking or pool activities (seasonal)

• Morning tea is a nutritious bite to eat inspired by our Dietitian to maintain your energy levels

• Mid-morning – until lunchtime is scheduled for either Live Expert Seminars or you can choose rest whilst listening to mindset coaching or watching our educational seminars online.

• Lunch is always a well balanced, healthy meal to give energy for the afternoons body movement sessions

• Afternoon sessions are based around active recovery. At this time of day we love movement games, light boxing, active recovery circuit classes, swimming, walking, yoga, healing therapies or stretching

• Late afternoon is always reserved for recovery and reflecting its our rest time before dinner. It is the ideal time to stretch, relax, read a book, or get a massage. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to consult with a specialist health/ body/mind expert from our team.

Evening Fit Life Family 

• Dinner is a time to prepare healthy, nutritious, tasty and colourful meals with your Fit Life Family, Culinary Coach or Chef Alternatively you might have the opportunity to visit a local restaurant with the other guests and Fit Life team and learn how to choose nutritious meals when dining out.

• Twilight is your time to write in your journal and reflect on your day, meet and get to know the other participants or indulge in twilight walks or online learning seminars. We recommend an early night so as to be energised to for your FiT LiFE adventure the next day.

Your visit to FiT LiFE Health Retreat is an investment in your health! It’s a life changing experience that YOU deserve. Join us to re-energise your love for life. We are today the youngest we will ever be again so why not be at your fittest? It’s just a choice so choose you and choose to live!


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Chat to our Fit Life team to discuss what retreat dates are available and best for you. 

“We are all Beautiful Souls, confident beings and can learn to live a powerful FiT LiFE! You are the youngest today that you will ever be again. Your time is now…. it’s FiT LiFE time!” 

Chernae Silk 

Flexible Options include our…

‘PLAY and DAY STAY’ Part Time FiT LiFE Health Retreat Noosa Retreat Program

You join us from 6am until 6pm and book your own accommodation off-site. 

• You never have to choose between your life and your health again! Our PLAY and DAY STAY program allows the perfect blending of your full retreat experience and your real life. 

• Join us every day 6-6pm for fun, food and fitness and then return home each evening to share what you have learned and spend quality time with friends and family. 

Our PLAY and DAY STAY flexible offering is a great way to immediately apply what you have learnt and start changing your choices that will lead to YOUR NEW FIT LIFE ABUNDANCE 

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Sessions run from Monday to Saturday- early morning through to evening.

“Together with my experts we have created a Health Retreat like no other in the world!  I’ve custom built this transformational program to support my own health journey. Now I can share it with you all! I needed change, we all need a Fit Life and our time is now!” 

Chernae Silk – Founder & FiT LiFER!